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On the “Fly State of Mind” and youths in the city
By Jessica Winsted, Sep. 26, 2013

When you meet them, you have to wonder what brought them together. Brio Braze is super focused, resilient, and at times a firecracker. Mic DaMos is laid back, calculating, and a little arrogant. Supreme 6 is energy…. He’s eccentric, with an eye for style. It’s a local Hip-Hop Group called The Fli Boyz, of Fli Boy Entertainment.

They have known each other off and on since childhood. Life has taken them down different paths. They all consider themselves San Diego Natives. Supreme6 and Mic DaMos met and became fixtures in an organization fixated on money and fast living using women and drugs in Spring Valley, CA. Brio was caught in a lifestyle of violence, prison, and gangbanging in the notorious Skyline park area.

Though they moved around the city and out of state, they would cross paths in areas like North Park, Southeast, and Spring Valley regions, in a city locals call “Daygo”. The group was reintroduced in 2011 and was looking for something different. They wanted to send a different message to disenfranchised youths. The group says they would like to lead by example and show another way out. The trio also takes time to work with non-profits like Paving Great Futures and other various fundraisers. “We all had different paths and rough roads that led us to a decision that Fli isn’t just the clothes you wear or what you drive, it’s a way of life…….A state of mind,” says Mic DaMos.

According to Brio, Fli boyz group member, “There’s much more to the story… some is left in the past for good reason, and the rest is in the music we produce”.

-Jessica Winsted
San Diego Reader
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