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    "Brio Braze" my rap alias definitely has a story to it, I wasnt always this way as far as who I really am compared to what people might assume. Brio Marcel Hurd my father Emile Hurd gave me this unique name "Brio" an Italian word meaning- "to play more lively and vigorous". At first I was to be named Duke Ellington Hurd needless to say it was a close one, God gave me favor and my father stumbled across my name in one of his music books. You see my father has his Masters in music being an original member of the gap band its a no brainer to say that we were emersed in music as children me and two sisters that is. But of course that didn't last Pop's was a habitual womanizer my mother couldn't handle it so she took us and split. We relocated to sunny San Diego moving in with my aunt Kay Kay and her husband Jerry. So I was Born in Tulsa, OK raised in San Diego since the age of 5 I went to Bethune Elementary in Paradise Hills. I use to go to all the track meets for Morse High School with my cousin William I remember the first time he took me to the Brooke we walked from damn near the water tower all the way there past the two story McDonald's. Of I course I got into an altercation at the playground hell I was aggressive at least when I felt it to be unavoidable but overtime that would change. For a young black male in a poor single parent home at least from time to time when we weren't living in shelters it was hard, taking the bus to school from a the Salvation Army. Watching my mom fight for her life in and out of the hospital overstressed out lungs collapsing on her I had my fair share of tears and pain. Enough to disable me emotionally I don't feel how people feel about life. Which quickly lead to a life of crime that no sane person could understand my only outlet was music it was the only thing that made perfect since. I sold everything, drank heavy, partied hard, committed every crime a young thug could it didn't help that I attracted women with out much effort at all turned me into a real womanizer. At the age of 19 I got my first long stretch and had time to find out who I really was inside and out at Calapatria State Prison, and that was a blessing in disguise. I mean I always was in the cypher rapping at school, in the set, at the rec, outside the party, where ever there was music, shit sometimes really.... all we needed was alcohol. People always gravitated to me especially when I get to spitting and I loved to move crowds but not until I was in solitude did I found out this was Me there could be no Brio without music so I came to a conclusion. I have to prove to the world there can't be music without Brio Braze. I came home and began my journey bumping my head with friends, engineers, promoters, producers, artists, buying studios losing studios, all to build up and establish the team I have today Fliboy Entertainment. Which I am co-founder and Director of legally we're also incorporated. Brio is the light the essence of my being Braze is the dark memories of the pain the fire that molded me to a man, I am Brio Braze.

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